The Bieber Curse: Are the Patriots Next?

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After a heavy post on the Janay and Ray Rice situation I felt it necessary to lighten the mood.
If, like me, you spend your morning coffee web surfing through top sports stories you had a reason to shudder today.That reason was none other than our beloved *sarcasm* Canadian sweetheart Justin Bieber.
I know America, you want to ship him back to us and never let him step foot in one of your arenas again- but you can’t get that luxury. We’d ban him from the ACC if we could too.

This morning we saw a post that Bieber was hanging out in the Clippers lockeroom last night gushing to his boy Blake Griffin.
Except he wasn’t the only guest that night. The New England Patriots were already in town hanging out before their game against the Chargers this week. Since this game will most likely be like taking candy from a baby for them they went out to explore.

The photos showed Gronk joking around with the Biebs like he liked him.
Personally, I was extremely disappointed in Gronk. C’mon man can’t you be a little bit more discerning with your friend choices?

Other than the cringe factor when the bandwagon jumping Biebs is brought up in relation to sports he also adds another element.

The Curse.

There have been a few documented incidents in which Justin Bieber becoming a fan of team X has immediately caused said team to lose.

There was the meeting with the Steelers at their bible study. The next day they lost to the 1-8 Jets.
There was that time he stepped on the Blackhawks logo in their dressing room. The Hawks went on to lose in overtime in that Game 7 heart breaker.
Bieber once posted a photo of himself in a Spanish National jersey. The team became a dumpster fire shortly afterwards.
The Heat believed in this curse. The tried withdrew his tickets and a rumor circulated that he was banned from the arena. But the taint that is Bieber is like that smell from the rental car on Seinfeld. It just can’t be shaken off.
The Heat lost to the Spurs.

A coincidence you say?
Well, let’s just see if Gronk breaks his arm again, Jonas Gray sleeps through his next game and causes enough Belichick ire to send him to the Colts, or if the entire team has a meltdown losing to the Chargers.
*makes a sign of the cross*

The Bieber Curse is alive and well my sports fans.


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