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  • doug-whaley-draft-2014

    Only the Buffalo Bills Would Admit Men Shouldn’t Play Football

    May 25, 16 • 767 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    The Bills are a wonderment to the world of sports. They make bizarre decisions, have the craziest fans and have a record no one wants to look at. Today GM Doug Whaley furthered that familiar shake of the head we already give the Bills with this statement:...

  • NBA: Miami Heat

    This Chris Bosh Situation is Bizarro World Weird

    May 3, 16 • 894 Views • Featured Blogs, NBANo Comments

    So, as a reminder, Bosh left last season with a pretty serious issue. He had blood clots in his leg that went to his lungs. This could lead to a pulmonary embolism and, well death. So, he has not played since the All Star break. Bosh now has to take blood...

  • Eagl23-P

    Sam Bradford Has Options? Well..

    Apr 27, 16 • 864 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Demand makes people do strange things, and the NFL over Bradford is one of them. Sam Bradford is a hot commodity right now in the NFL- he’s a quarterback that isn’t awful. He’s not great, but he’s not the worst. He knows it and is...

  • 11220119_1005438406212454_3367590941863924972_n

    Tom Brady Must Serve 4 Game Suspension

    Apr 27, 16 • 790 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    Try as he might Tom Brady must serve his 4 game suspension in relation to Deflategate. The federal court of appeals reinstated the NFL’s original suspension. In a 2-1 decision the Court of Appeals overturned last year’s ruling by U.S. District Judge...

  • mmtQorO

    The Rams have the Number One Draft Pick

    Apr 14, 16 • 807 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    You know you’re addicted to the NFL when you are already excited about the draft and its two weeks away. Today, the Titans gave up their first round pick to the Rams. The Rams traded their first rounder (15th), as well as two second-rounders (43rd and...

  • 12993634_997761170313511_734861733075405298_n

    Johnny Manziel Doesn’t Have a Damn Roommate

    Apr 13, 16 • 860 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    It’s been a weird week of unfounded reports on Manziel’s life.First, it was being reported that Manziel was living with Von MIller. This was stated by Manziel himself and therefore taken as truth. It would sort of make sense. Manziel needs a job,...

  • colin-kaepernick

    What’s Going on with Colin Kaepernick?

    Apr 5, 16 • 1463 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      Today the San Francisco 49ers started their offseason program and Colin Kaepernick was in attendance. This would leave you to think he’s staying put- but really he is just playing the waiting game. You see, Kaep has a guaranteed base salary of $11.9...

  • mmqb-rg3

    RG3 Gets a Fresh Start

    Mar 24, 16 • 868 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      I say fresh sarcastically, because let’s face it- the Browns. Really? The Browns? Out of all the places you could have gone you thought, hey this is a solid franchise with a great team. A team with a head coach that only has experience with pocket...

  • 12832366_975322302557398_3374284979632601287_n

    How much is Ryan Fitzpatrick worth?

    Mar 16, 16 • 1149 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

    The NFL is a strange, strange place. I mean you knew that already, but did I think I would be talking about how Fitzpatrick is worth premium QB money in the year 2016? No, no one foresaw this. What with the issue of trying to find a dependable quarterback to...

  • 635755242168825532-johnson

    The Dolphins Need a Running Back

    Mar 16, 16 • 1188 Views • Featured Blogs, NFLNo Comments

      The Dolphins lost Lamar Miller this free agency period to the Texans and have been scrabbling to fill his spot. They attempted to grab CJ Anderson but had no luck there. The Broncos matched the RFA offer sheet and he is staying put in Denver. Plan C for...