Does Anyone Care about the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup?

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Are people actually watching this tournament? If so, why? The only SportsCentre worthy highlight that has came from this silly tournament was when New Zealand took a page out of the All Blacks rugby team and performed a ritual war dance before tip-off against Team USA.

The dance may have confused James Harden and Derrick Rose, but USA got the last laugh as their team torched New Zealand for a 27-point victory. Speaking of Team USA, as expected they haven’t won a game by less than 24-points yet, so how is this dominance exciting?

This Team USA squad is without Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kevin Love and Chris Paul, so if they were thrown into this tournament their average win spread could be doubled. With the NFL season beginning and an exciting stretch of baseball, this tournament couldn’t be pushed further down my sports to watch list.

Team USA will end up playing Spain in the finals of this tournament and nothing will come from it if they win or lose. These World Cup tournaments never seem to be interesting because they never have the best players and always have the same results.

Team USA or Spain will win this tournament. It is just bound to happen. In order to make it to the finals, USA will have to defeat Slovenia (who is a pickup basketball team without Goran Dragic) and then defeat the winner of the Lithuania vs. Turkey game.

The most exciting thing about Lithuania’s team is that every player on their roster has a last name that either ends with a “S or C”, and I’m not sure if anyone in Turkey even knows they have a national basketball program.

The star power from USA compared to everyone else is just so extreme that the only newsworthiness from this tournament is if they lose. There will always be a favourite in sports, but there should be at least some contenders that have a chance at knocking off that favourite. It doesn’t make it exciting to know what the finals are going to be and even though it hasn’t happened yet, I am still that certain about a Spain vs. USA final.

Despite the boring tournament that is the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, a USA vs. Spain game would essentially make for an exciting finale. I will still probably not watch it, but it would finally be a game that involves some quality NBA talent on both sides and could transpire into a tight finish like the two teams had in the 2012 Olympics.

It might be the fact that I have no idea where to even watch these games live on TV, or just because the quality of games is so boring, but I don’t think I’ll ever get into this World Cup. For those of you following this tournament closely, I applaud you, but you’re really wasting your time. This tournament is just as important as a preseason football game between the Bills and the Jags.

Wake me up when the NBA starts please.




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