Another Olympics, Another Country That’s Not Ready to Host

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Rio is turning out a lot like Sochi so far.
The first athletes are arriving at the Athletes village and finding their rooms incomplete. Out of the 31 towers, only 12 are ready to be inhabited. The Australian team has reported flooding, broken elevators, mould on the ceilings and a small fire. When lights and taps were opened there was significant leakage, plus wires are exposed.
Australia has since decided to move its team. The Italians have contracted workers to come in and finish their rooms. Argentina has rented housing. The teams have hinted that they will want to be reimbursed.
Meanwhile, the buildings, which cost about a billion dollars, are largely untested. More than half have yet to be declared safe for occupation because of a delay hooking up the gas and electrical lines. At the time of construction Brazil had planned to sell the buildings after the Olympics to residents as housing. However, because the Brazilian economy is a dumpster fire, only 10% of the units have been sold.
This is the same story as Sochi.
Things were largely unfinished and conditions were austere, but the games continued and so they will in Rio. I mean, at least each athlete has 42 condoms each?

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