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An Ode To St. Patrick’s Day In The NBA

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In the finest tradition of St. Patrick’s Day, may we all share a(nother!) drink to sadly mark its passing for the year and a(nother!) drink to honor all of the drinks that we shared to mark its arrival. Hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we share a(nother!!) drink to…

On second thought, to spare us all a(nother!!!) trip to rehab, why don’t we call it a hangover and instead partake of a slightly less-stereotypical but famous Irish tradition – the Limerick!

Of course, being a devout and practicing parishioner at the Church of the Boston Celtics (oh, so now you’re offering me a drink!), I’d be remiss if I didn’t start things off with a blessing for my beloved team so close to this most appropriate holiday.



A Celtic(s) Blessing

May your (#)9′s become 10′s,

May your (#)0′s become heroes,

And may Kelly, Green and Sully bring the luck of the Irish to a team sorely lacking,

May the rebuilding be short and fruitful,

May the fruits be sweet and plentiful,

And may plenty of fruit be available for harvest come Draft Day.


And now…the Limericks…


There was an old man named Phil Jackson

Joined a team short on positive action

Now the hopes are alive that some magic survived

In the man now that he’s out of traction


Indiana Pacers v Toronto Raptors

In Toronto the Dinos are roaring

And the faith of the fan base is soaring

Omission, it seems, can embolden one’s team

If it’s Rudy that one is exporting.


Though tanking (the word) made him frantic

And denied there existed such antics

The Commish did admit, when it came down to it

The case is just one of semantics.


Sixers michael and brett

And, speaking of tanking, there’s Philly

The Sixers are so bad it’s silly

As they try to pretend that they did not intend

To win by losing is gilding the lily.


In the League you’re restricted from betting

When you gamble it causes such fretting

So, it’s strange when you hear “Lottery” makes them cheer

And excited to near-bedwetting.



While it’s been a tight race between two,

And challengers, there are but a few

The race MVP, should now contain three

With Durant, LeBron and Blake, too.


In the League, there’s a dawning new day

There’s a player who’s openly gay

Though, I’m glad he’s arrived and for all that he’s strived

I can’t wait ‘til it’s just, “Can he play?”


Old Lakers

Though their past has been bright and once bold

Laker present is just dark and cold

As was said from the start, they now master this art:

Thinking young while looking so old.


The Mavs are defying the odds

They’re in tune with the basketball gods

But enjoy while you can, and don’t make any plans

For trips without fishing rods.



The East has been less than exciting

To the West they’ve been very inviting

However, we’ve learned that those tables can turn

In the end, it’s the East we’ll be knighting.

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