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Alex Smith: Red, White and Horrible

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The Kansas City Chiefs are going all the way!
Just kidding. Seriously. The fact that they won last night means nothing. It’s preseason and its the goddamn Kansas City Chiefs.
What I found most interesting last night was the fact that Alex Smith connected with a Wide Receiver for a touchdown for the first time since 2013. This is insane!
Ol’ lacerated spleen makes $30 million dollars and he just did this for the time in 594 days! This is crazy! I know I am using a lot of exclamation points here but I am truly flabbergasted. Maybe I don’t spend enough time looking at the Chiefs during the season (because they are the chiefs) but how do you build a team around a quarterback that just completed a TD with a wide receiver for the first time in that long. So, I dug a little deeper. Smith threw 18 touchdowns last season. Tom Brady threw 33 touchdowns. Wait that isn’t fair, let’s dumb this down a little.
Fitzmagic threw 17 and he didn’t even play the whole damn season! He fractured something in December and didn’t start until mid November!
The only good thing that you can say about Alex Smith is that he protects the ball well. He rarely turns it over. You know why that is?
Because he doesn’t take a risk! Ever! He’d rather take a knee than lob a hail Mary that might end up in TD.
I am now fully convinced that there’s some sort of game fixing going on with Alex Smith. You don’t become the 14th highest paid starting quarterback in the NFL and have no completed WR touchdowns!


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