Adrian Peterson Is Delusional About Michael Vick

Adrian Peterson Is Delusional About Michael Vick

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Adrian Peterson had an interesting tweet this week. Perhaps, it wasn’t said in full sincerity, perhaps he didn’t think it through; but alas it is making headlines. Ah, the NFL off season.

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Now listen Adrian, do you know how NFL starved we are? Didn’t you see that we, the NFL fans/media, would jump all over this??  With 6 days until the beginning of free agency, we will have to take this tweet seriously-because honestly, what else are we talking about in the NFL?

Now, Michael Vick. Vick started a mere 6 games last season with the Philadelphia Eagles. He eventually lost the starter position to Nick Foles after suffering a hamstring injury. In the last 5 seasons, he hasn’t played more than 13 games in a year. He also threw a total of 57 touchdowns and 33 interceptions, while running for 15 touchdowns.  He will be 34 in June, so his ability to be a starter is looking pretty slim.

The sad part is that Vick, as unreliable and injury prone as he is, is still one of the better options on the free agent market. The Vikings have only signed Christian Ponder on their roster- who has been, well, shaky. Matt Cassel was opted out, while Josh Freeman had only signed a one-year deal and is also a free agent. Thank God. The other options are the likes of Josh McGown and David Garrard.

That being said; Adrian Peterson is still delusional.
Michael Vick of 2014 is incapable of leading a 5-10-1 Vikings team to the playoffs. He is not a starter.
He is a desperate fill in veteran who could use his years to help guide a young quarterback; but he is NOT dragging a team like the Vikings to the playoffs. His body couldn’t withstand a full season. No matter how good of an offensive line that had his back. The Vikings do need a quarterback, but Vick is not their answer for their playoff woes.

I’m sorry AD, but it isn’t happening.

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