5 Things That Were the Same in Week 15 in the NFL

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We had a great day of football yesterday. Some crazy things happened like; the facefumble, the Pats losing, Matt Flynn’s 4  touchdowns, and the Vikings pulling off a win. However, some things stayed exactly the same. Here’s to the old reliable’s who we can always count on, in some capacity. 
1. Ryan Fitzpatrick 
As someone who follows Buffalo (note, not a Bills fan), I don’t have the fondest memories of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Since he’s now the Titans fall back QB, he has the opportunity to fix the way that Buffalo views him. A chance to revive the Amish Shotgun nickname once again. He nearly did it. The Titans were roaring back game goes into OT and Bam. Fitzy threw his second interception of the game in OT, ending any hope for the Titans to win the game. Nothing has changed.
2. Dez Bryant is still a Whiner
The Cowboys had their December Cowboys moment that was a team effort, and Dez caused a scene. He rushed off the field before the game was over. This caused quite a bit of trolling from top talking heads and, well, Twitter. He wasn’t injured, he was emotional.
I walked back to the locker room because I was emotional…it had nothing to do with my teammates we had it… We fought and didn’t finish.
Mystery solved. On a side note, he did have that wicked touchdown.
3. The Cowboys are still Horrible in December
It’s weird how the end of the season always spells disaster for the Cowboys. It’s a strange, unfortunate trend for the Cowboys that has led them to be 6-7 in December games started by Tony Romo. They seem to manage to lose even when they really shouldn’t have. Sundays game was an example of that creative way. As much as Twitter started the Romo-bashing, it was more than Romo at fault. It was the shitty D, the shitty coaching, and that lack of leadership. The kind of coaching that throws their quarterback who has had a 106.3 passer rating in December games under the bus. I’m all for a good bashing, but lets realize that this is beyond Romo.
4. Eli Manning is Horrible 

This man is not acting like a franchise quarterback in this season. He’s awful. He’s been watching Ryan Fitzmagic game tape for pointers. He’s having eye problems. He’s having something. The kid that screamed YOU SUCK after Eli’s 4th (out of 5) interception Sunday- we feel ya.
5. Peyton Manning is Still Win
Sorry, I know that sentence lacked grammatical structure. Or sense.
Anyways, Sports Illustrated named their athlete of the year and it’s Peyton Manning! He’s still wicked. Even if he lost on Thursday to the Chargers.

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