3rd & 10: NFL Round Up: Week 11

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Week 11. How did this happen already.
In a week where the Internets doom was predicted by the release of a photo of a very large, oiled butt a lot happened. Mostly, the things that happened weren’t overly relevant to the game or your fantasy team. Alas, they are all worth talking about. Let’s begin.

The Second Coming of Sanchez
I wrote about this last week actually. I prophesied that Sanchez would perform leaps and bounds better than he ever did with the Jets. And I was right. In other news Sanchez had his first philly cheese steak sandwich EVER after crushing the Panthers. How do you live there for 4 months and NOT eat that??
Side Note: did anyone see Sanchey do the Jet celebration.or THIS
Incognito is Tainted For Life
Incognito had another tryout this week with the Broncos. They passed even though they could use him. Since Incognito became a free agent he’s had a limited interest despite having been ranked 13th by pro football focus in the guard position. Yeah, he’s an asshole. Yeah, his behaviour toward Martin was unacceptable.. but don’t you kinda feel like he would have been snapped up if this had happened a year or two ago? With the whole Peterson/Hardy/Rice debacle there isn’t a lot of room to breathe on bad behaviour in the NFL right now.

Michael Sam’s Dad is Probably An A-Hole

There were some articles that emerged lately about how Michael Sam’s dad reacted to his son coming out of the closet. Deadspin published a piece that paints Mr. Sam as a homophobic. Talking about how his son knew all the white people songs and that was suspicious. And how Michael’s boyfriend -who at the time was just a friend to the family -shook hands like a woman. The best revelation was that Sam’s dad went and got wasted at an Applebees after he found out his son was gay. *sigh*
The Patriots Twitter Mess
The Pats passed the 1 million Twitter following and created a generator to thank their fans. The generator spit out the followers name on the back of a Pats jersey and then thanked the twitter handle. What could go wrong? Oh. Everything.
Davis Bonerfest is Over
Read the rest here.

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