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3rd &10: NFL Bad Boy Edition- arrests, suspensions and fines

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There’s never a dull moment in the NFL. The arrest clock is always being reset. Someone’s lost their temper, their head or consumed something they.. shouldn’t have. This week has been an especially busy little week for the NFL. Let’s get to it and wrap up all arrests, suspensions and fines in the NFL

1. NFL Domestic Violence Policy

Goodell admitted that he screwed up when he suspended Ray Rice for only 2 games. After an onslaught of criticism for what was viewed as a light suspension Goodell decided to try and save face. The policy for domestic abuse changed to player’s being suspended for at least 6 games for their first offense. For their second offense they can be suspended indefinitely. Of course how this will work around and with the actual legal system is up in the air. Many are saying their won’t be any big change at all and that this policy is just playing lip service. I guess we will see, but I can’t help but be optimistic that an actual change may be taking place.

2. Pey-Pey Don’t Care

Peyton Manning was fined this week for taunting DJ Swearinger. After Swearinger connected his shoulder with Welker’s head Peyton got a little mouthy. He received a penalty and then a fine of $8,200 for his behavior. This is believed to be the first time that Peyton got mouthy enough to get a penalty. When asked if he felt bad he said “Nope. Money well spent.” Boom Swearinger. BOOM. PS. Swearinger was not fined for that hit on Welker, but this doesn’t take away from Pey-Pey’s mouthiness.

3. The Hammer Came Down on Aldon

Finally, we get a ruling on Aldon Smith. He will be suspended for the first 9 games of the season for breaching the league’s substance abuse and personal conduct policy. He’s been a trouble maker forever: DUI in September, the 3 felony counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon, and the whole pretending to have a bomb thing in April at an airport. Well, he earned it.

4. Kirkpatrick’s Big Ol’ Fine

Bengal’s cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick slammed the Cardinal’s receiver Ted Ginn on a first-quarter punt. It was a helmet to helmet hit and earned him a whopping $22,500 fine.  The best part about this monstrous fine was that it didn’t even draw a flag.. better luck next time ref.

5. Simpson Takes a Bigger Hit

If you thought that Kirkpatrick had a big fine to pay up you didn’t see how much Simpson is giving up. Jerome Simpson from the Vikings has been suspended for a total of 3 games for a DUI from last November. Simpson is going without pay for 3 games which means that he loses a total of $168,199 ($158,824 base salary, $9,375 per game bonuses). Call a cab for God’s sake.

6. Josh Gordon (at this point he doesn’t need an explanation)

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… Never a dull moment.
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