3rd & 10: What You Need to Know About the NFL Divisional Playoffs

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This weekend the NFL divisional playoffs were on the screen of every football lover. Some games were more exciting than others, but wow, that was some good football. I am more than a little upset as many of you know I am a diehard Colts fan. However, I am trying to be grateful for what was achieved this season and move on (much like A-Rod and his suspension.. kiddinnggg). Here is what you need to know about the NFL Divisional Playoff games.


The Broncos Didn’t Throw Up a Fifty Burger, But They Still Beat the Chargers

Besides the first Manning face of 2014 and the Darth Vader helmet of Wes Welker, the Broncos were still the Broncos. By this I mean they tidily removed the Chargers pants with a win. Going into the game I thought that Peyton would throw up huge numbers. The Chargers have a pretty meh defense and Peyton and his receivers are like the bubonic plague. However, this didn’t happen and the score was actually UNDER what Vegas threw up (55.5). The Chargers didn’t seem to be awake until the 4th quarter when Keenan Allen caught a touchdown pass. IF that offense had been on for more than that drive we might have had more of a competition. As it was the Broncos held the Chargers to zero points for an embarassinly long time for a divisional playoff game. As for the Broncos not putting up bigger numbers this can partially be blamed on an endzone interception that was not so much Peyton’s fault; and a missed field goal. I know, they won anyways, I just felt cheated they didn’t dust the floor with Chargers and sweep up the mess with River’s Bolo tie.

The Panthers Could Not Convert

This was one of the chippiest games of the weekend. Both teams were riled up and pushing, shoving, shit talking and helmet to helmet smashing. The Panthers missed a total of 7 opportunities at the goal line. When you see a stat like that you can understand why they lost. However, to be fair there were a lot of missed penalties that prompted the Panthers to shoot themselves in the foot. The personal foul call on Mike Mitchell, Captain Munnerlyn’s head butt, various other missed head butts, and the missed 12 men in the huddle on Davis’s touchdown drive. Personally, I would have lost my mind over Kaepernick’s mocking of Cam Newton’s superman move. Anyways, the 49ers will move on and Boldin has proven once again that he’s a force to be reckoned with when Kaep’s chucking the ball.


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