This is the 2017 Super Bowl Mascot

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First off, why the heck do we need a Super Bowl mascot for? Where have I been? Did we always have these hideous things? 
What was 2015′s? Was it the left shark from Katy Perry’s half time performance?
Secondly, what the hell is this thing? 
Its a football wear a football? Which would mean its some sort of sick twisted carnivorous football that disgraces its own kind? I mean a human mascot wouldn’t wear a human head on its head.
Where is the God damn logic in this thing? Its name is TD by the way. It will be in Houston in 2017 and its a good thing because its favourite activities according to its Twitter profile are: Football, Houston’s Food Scene, and the Arts. No one in football has ever capitalized Arts. Ever. Apparently it also hopes to one day be an astronaut quarterback which isn’t a fucking thing.

God I hate bad marketing.
Somebody share the 2015 mascot with me.

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