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    Let Marshawn Lynch Breathe

    Jan 22 • 65 Views • No Comments

        Well, another NFL game another fine for Marshawn Lynch. The star Seahawks player was slapped with a $20k fine today for an obscene gesture. The gesture was committed after Lynch scored a touchdown on Sunday’s game against the Packers....

  • B7xDxzGCIAIwhzk

    New England Patriots and the Deflated Footballs

    Jan 20 • 31 Views • No Comments

      As a Colts fan I am obviously bitter about the game on the weekend. Never ever do you want to see your team beaten so soundly, especially in a Championship game. When news broke about a possible shady dealing from New England during the game my little...

  • trent

    Trent Richardson and Why No One Should Care.

    Jan 9 • 101 Views • No Comments

    You know what’s funny? An article I just read that was pondering the existence of Trent Richardson. It may be crazy, but I have never wondered where Trent Richardson is-not this entire season. The former No.3 overall has been the most unimpressive...

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    It’s a Hard Knick’s Fan Life

    Jan 9 • 134 Views • No Comments

    Well it’s happened. The Knicks have reached paper bag status. Last night the lowly Knicks dropped down to 5-34 by losing to the Rockets by 24 points. They broke a franchise record with 14 straight losses. The lineup featured such scrubs as Langston...

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