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    This and That – Toronto Maple Leafs, Oct. 20

    Oct 20 • 247 Views • No Comments

    Wow, it has been quite a long time since I posted for MSF, but I return to do what I do best, chat about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Here are a few tidbits about the boys in blue and white that have been on my mind over the first 13 days of the season. -...

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    Trifling Tales Of The NBA Preseason

    Oct 15 • 196 Views • No Comments

    Preseason in the NBA…for many, it’s that long overdue taste of professional basketball action unseen since summer’s beginning and even longer for Milwaukee fans. For others, it’s a time to gauge the overall improvement and potential of...

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    NFL Post Week 6: Who’s the Saddest of the Sad Edition

    Oct 15 • 69 Views • No Comments

    Ah, Week 6, we hardly knew you. Another week is past in the NFL and as per usual lots of shit happened. Maybe its the Tom Waits I’m listening to but I’m feeling like their was some sad ass shit that went down in the league. Some teams have more of...

  • Indianapolis Colts v New York Giants

    NFL Week 6 Preview

    Oct 12 • 148 Views • No Comments

    NFL Week 6 Preview Week 6 is off to a spectacular start. Mostly, because the Colts won and T Y Hilton is on my fantasy team. Thank you. I also have to acknowledge that JJ Watt is a beast amongst men. I think they should put him in as quarterback. I have faith...

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