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    Adrian Peterson: The Other NFL Case

    Nov 15 • 33 Views • No Comments

    After the insanity that was the Ray Rice case we turn our focus to Adrian Peterson. The Viking’s star running back went to court to face one count of misdemeanor reckless assault. He avoided jail time-but what will happen to his career in the NFL? The...

  • melky 2

    Off-Season Outlook: The Toronto Blue Jays Part 1

    Nov 14 • 65 Views • No Comments

    Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to take a tour around the Big Leagues and take a few snap shots of each division and highlight some off season work that needs to be done by each team. Being our hometown (home country) team I wanted to...

  • sanchey

    3rd & 10: NFL Round Up: Week 11

    Nov 14 • 39 Views • No Comments

    Week 11. How did this happen already. In a week where the Internets doom was predicted by the release of a photo of a very large, oiled butt a lot happened. Mostly, the things that happened weren’t overly relevant to the game or your fantasy team. Alas,...

  • Lee+Stempniak+New+York+Rangers+v+Toronto+Maple+haY-_EYlPkKl

    This and That: Toronto Maple Leafs, Nov 10th

    Nov 10 • 437 Views • No Comments

    I’m back with another installment of ‘This and That,’ commenting on the Toronto Maple Leafs from a fans point of view. If you want to listen to more of my hockey related nonsense, tune into riotradio.ca at 3pm on Thursdays for the Untitled...

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