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    Arena Review – First Niagara Center

    Dec 17 • 282 Views • No Comments

    It has always been a goal of mine to visit as many baseball stadiums and hockey arenas as possible, and last weekend I was able to cross another one off the list. While I have physically been to other arenas, including the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Bell...

  • Tom-Brady-F-Bomb

    3rd & 10: NFL Holiday Edition

    Dec 17 • 17 Views • No Comments

    It was a strange week in the NFL. The QB carousel kept spinning. There were some real disappoints in new players and old. With the holidays in full swing it seemed appropriate to make this into some sort of holiday edition. Here’s three instances of...

  • 49ers-roughing-the-passer

    The Disappointments In the NFL in Week 15

    Dec 16 • 27 Views • No Comments

        Maybe I’m just being a hater because its Monday but some weeirdd things happened yesterday in Week 15 in the NFL. And for the most part; they weren’t pretty. Especially Fantasy wise- Aaron Rodgers you slay me. But without further...

  • RGIII-minutes

    The Quarterback Merry-Go-Round in the NFL Week 15

    Dec 11 • 76 Views • No Comments

    Quarterback’s are like the lead singers of a band. They get all the attention. In some cases this attention is not the most glowing- at least that seems to be true for nearly every team in the NFL. Except for maybe Tom Golden Child Brady. Heading into...

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