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    NFC North: Detroit Lions Fans Are Desperate for a Win

    Dec 27 • 18 Views • No Comments

    I live just north of Kensington Market in my adopted city of Toronto, and occasionally I do some beat reporting for the neighbourhoods of what is known around here as Ward 20. Christmas morning I received a tip from one of my informants that some unusual...

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    Three Players You Need to be Worried About in the NFL Week 15

    Dec 19 • 58 Views • No Comments

        It’s the final frontier of Fantasy football this week. That meager amount of money your office pool has is suddenly integral to your being. You’ve talked smacked for weeks and it’s D-day. Here’s the 3 players you should...

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    Arena Review – First Niagara Center

    Dec 17 • 366 Views • No Comments

    It has always been a goal of mine to visit as many baseball stadiums and hockey arenas as possible, and last weekend I was able to cross another one off the list. While I have physically been to other arenas, including the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Bell...

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    3rd & 10: NFL Holiday Edition

    Dec 17 • 40 Views • No Comments

    It was a strange week in the NFL. The QB carousel kept spinning. There were some real disappoints in new players and old. With the holidays in full swing it seemed appropriate to make this into some sort of holiday edition. Here’s three instances of...

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